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Situated in Scholes Village in Rotherham, The Bay Horse is recently under new management (2019) and undergone a brilliant new refurbishment (2019) This quaint little pub is the heart of the community with delicious homemade food served everyday. Homemade Pies, 8oz Burgers and amazing huge Battered Cod, there is something for everyone. Fancy a drink? We have an awesome range of gins and local cask ales. Its a lovely afternoon the weathers great and you fancy a walk with the family and dog? The Bay Horse is perfect! You can get to us from many walking routes and we welcome dogs...and kids. Whether you are joining us for a drink, meal or one of our brain teasing Quiz Nights, we look forward to meeting you and hope you enjoy your visit at The Bay Horse

Thanks Jean & Andy




The building has been there for approximately 250 years but it has not always been a pub.  It was part of the Wentworth Estate, same as the Earl of Strafford. There is a suggestion that the pub has been there since the 1850s.

An old title register refers to a Conveyance from 1945 and there is a list of historic planning applications dating back to 1959, But the Gaunt Family (3Generations) was in the Bay Horse back in 1915 or before (Picture on our Fireplace).

The Bay Horse was purchased by Enterprise Inns in 2001.